Technical Meetings – 2013

Water and the Green Economy

A joint meeting with the University of East Anglia.

Date: 08th November 2013

This University of East Anglia Water Security and the Irrigation and Water Forum event featured eleven talks covering projects from all over the world, presented by representatives from many different organisations. The day began with two keynote presentations from Jean-Paul Penrose (DFID) and Mohamed Ait Kadi (Chair, GWP Technical Committee).

A number of themes appeared throughout the conference. The necessity of economic activity for development coupled with acknowledgement that water security is a fluid and debatable issue formed an undercurrent throughout. The meeting also consider changes happening now and the need to decide how to adapt whilst realising that there will be trade-offs. It was also evident that governance and political institutions are an important component of change. Finally, in most cases more evidence in the form of reliable data is required to make informed decisions on water-related development issues.

Speakers and Topics

Keynote speaker: ‘Implementation and Incorporation of the Green Economy’ Jean-Paul Penrose (DFID)

“Water and Green Economy” Mohamed Ait Kadi (Chair, Global Water Partnership Technical Committee). See the slides here.

“Enabling Green Economic Growth – Central role of innovation and implication for a dynamic management of land  and water resources” Jochen Frobrich (Alterra Wageningen). See the slides here.

“Green Economy for Agricultural Water Development through Optimisation” Michael Gilmont (King’s College London). See the slides here.

“Understanding ‘value’ in Debates on Land and Water Use” Phil Woodhouse (Manchester University). See the slides here.

“Implementation of a Green Economy Strategy: lessons from Ethiopia” Roger Calow (ODI). See the slides here.

“Green Economy Approaches – Water and Abstraction Reform” Mike Young (Harvard University, University College London, The University of Adelaide). See the slides here.

“Making Space for Green in a Black and White Economy” Aileen Anderson (Crossflow Consulting). See the slides here.

“Catchment Management – A Sustainable Solution for Water Companies?” Jodie Whitehead (Severn Trent Water). See the slides here.

“Can Large Dams be Part of a Green Economy?” Mike Skinner (International Institute for Environment and Development). See the slides here.

“Who gets the Gain of an Efficiency Gain? An exploration of the paracommons and paradoxes of irrigation and resource efficiency” Bruce Lankford (University of East Anglia). See the slides here.

Read the full report of the meeting here.