Meeting Archive

All our meetings are hosted at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, in grand surroundings overlooked by the portraits of Brunel, Stephenson and Telford. Our members also run an occasional 2-day introductory training course on irrigation aimed at young professionals.

Typically the Irrigation and Water Forum holds technical meetings twice a year, as well as the annual Gerald Lacey Memorial Lecture. Technical meetings feature panel discussions and speakers from academia and industry on a particular theme, while the Gerald Lacey Memorial Lecture is delivered by a single speaker.

From this page, you can find details of our past meetings and, where available, recordings.

DateMeeting TypeTopic 
February 2019Technical MeetingIrrigation: Marking it Work for the PoorMore Info
November 2018Technical MeetingThe Nile BasinMore Info
May 2018Gerald Lacey LectureAchieving SDG 6 – the ‘Water Goal’More Info 
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November 2017Technical MeetingIntegrated Urban Water ManagementMore Info
May 2017Gerald Lacey LectureThe Water Scarcity Crisis – Fact or FictionMore info
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February 2017Technical MeetingIrrigation and Water Supply: Conflict or Opportunity?More Info
November 2016Technical MeetingWater Crises: Challenges and OpportunitiesMore Info
May 2016Gerlad Lacey LectureIrrigated Agriculture in the 21st Century – A Sustainable Career ChoiceMore info
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February 2016Technical MeetingThe Role of the Private Sector in Irrigation Management: Experiences and OpportunitiesMore Info
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November 2015Technical MeetingIrrigation: Improving Social and Environmental OutcomesMore Info
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May 2015Gerald Lacey LectureWhy Groundwater MattersMore info
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February 2015Technical MeetingDams for Irrigation: Technical and Social Considerations for SustainabilityMore Info
November 2014Technical MeetingManagement of Groundwater Resources for Irrigation and Co-UsersMore Info
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May 2014Gerald Lacey LectureThe Water Energy and Food Security Nexus – is it Really New?More info
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February 2014Technical MeetingThe Daunting Challenge of Canal Irrigation Reform for Water Productivity and Food SecurityMore Info
November 2013Technical MeetingWater and the Green EconomyMore Info
May 2013Gerald Lacey LectureSmall is Bountiful (but Messy): Informal Irrigation and New Directions for Security in sub-Saharan AfricaMore info
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May 2012Gerald Lacey LectureWhat a Difference a Drop Makes – Joint Learning between IFAD and ICID to Address Rural Poverty through Agricultural Water ManagementMore Info
July 2011Gerald Lacey LectureWater Security – a Global ChallengeMore Info
May 2010Gerlad Lacey LectureGlobal Food Security in 2030 – Why the World should support Agricultural Development in AfricaMore Info
May 2009Gerlad Lacey LectureGlobal Perspective of Natural DisastersMore Info
May 2008Gerald Lacey LectureHow do we Feed the World?More Info
May 2007Gerald Lacey LectureInter-basin Water Transfer: Regional Development, Economic Growth and Climate ChangeMore Info
May 2006Gerald Lacey LectureManaging Irrigation under Comprehensive Water Resources ManagementMore Info
May 2005Gerald Lacey LectureDammed, Damned of Doomed?More Info
May 2004Gerald Lacey LectureThe Water Environment in 2010More Info
May 2003Gerald Lacey LectureWater and Development at the World Bank – What have we learned since 1990More Info
May 2002Gerald Lacey LectureResearch and Technology in Irrigation and DrainageMore Info
May 2001Gerald Lacey LectureThe Role of Water in Food Production and Rural DevelopmentMore Info
May 200Gerlad Lacey LectureThe World Water Forum and its Implications for ICIDMore Info
May 1999Gerald Lacey LectureIrrigation and Drainage: Is there still a role for soil physics?More Info
May 1998Gerlad Lacey LectureThe International Irrigation Management InstituteMore Info
May 1997Gerald Lacey LectureA Knowledge-Intensive Network for Sustainable Water Resources ManagementMore Info
May 1996Gerald Lacey LectureFlood Defence and Drainage – Money Down the Drain?More Info
May 1995Gerald Lacey LectureGlobal Water ConservationMore Info
May 1994Gerald Lacey LectureThe NileMore Info
May 1992Gerald Lacey LectureCanal and River Regime Theory and Practice 1929 to 1992More Info
May 1991Gerald Lacey LectureManaging Irrigation EnterprisesMore Info
May 1990Gerald Lacey LectureThe Role of the NRAs in Drainage Basin ManagementMore Info
May 1989Gerald Lacey LectureDevelopment of the Lower Brahmaptura BasinMore Info
May 1987Gerald Lacey LectureA Review of the UK Work of the Drainage and Irrigation EngineerMore Info
May 1986Gerald Lacey LectureDrainage Works on the Zuuiderzee ProjectMore Info
May 1985Gerald Lacey LectureWorld Bank Involvement in Irrigation and DrainageMore Info
May 1984Gerald Lacey LectureChallenges, Problems and Solutions in Irrigation TodayMore Info