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20 February 2015: Dams for Irrigation: Technical and Social Considerations for Sustainability

Where: ICE Westminster
When: Friday 20 February 2015 (14:00 to 17:00)
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Brief: Although often essential for water management, dams can be controversial and have had much adverse publicity in recent decades. The focus of this joint meeting is on dams for irrigation, for which there is an increasing need for storage of water in order to meet the seasonal requirements for crop production. Groundwater – the subject of our last meeting – has a valuable role in this regard, but there is often a need for surface storage as well. Climate change, with a resulting increase in the variability in river flows, combined with population growth and changes in livelihoods will make the need even greater. There is a need to build better dams, and manage them better to avoid the problems encountered in the past, to help achieve food security, and to do so in a way that is socially and environmentally sound.

This will be a joint meeting with the British Dams Society, which is also an associated society of ICE and aims to advance the knowledge of technical subjects relating to planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, safety, environmental and social issues.

IWF is strongly interested in the sustainable development of irrigation and water management for agriculture and is well-placed to hold a short meeting and debate on optimising the design and are management of dams. The subject was recently debated at the Environmental Change Institute in Oxford in November 2014 in a meeting entitled “Africa, Dams and Development”. This meeting at IWF aims to focus specifically on design and management of dams for irrigation, highlighting good practice and solutions rather than simply identifying problems

7 November 2014: Management of Groundwater Resources for Irrigation and Co-users

Where: ICE Westminster
When: Friday 7 November 2014 (9:30 to 17:00)
Brief: Groundwater resources provide an important mechanism for balancing the supply of water to meet local needs. The consequences of mining groundwater resources for immediate benefit are well known, however, across large tracts of Africa for instance groundwater provides a significant source, available for those that understand how to abstract it. With this in mind, the IWF meeting will discuss the issues and best practices associated with the management of groundwater resources for the needs of both agricultural producers and local stakeholders.

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ICE & Snow Trip: 14-21 December 2014

Members are welcome to join this year’s ICE & Snow trip from 14-21 December, organised by the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE).

ICE & Snow, which has been running since 2004, is an annual, seven-day ski trip combining engineering challenges with alpine activities. Staying at the highly popular Tarrentaise Hotel in Meribel in the French Alps, the event attracts professional engineers and their families, from around the UK. It is also an opportunity for graduates, students and like-minded professionals to gather in a unique, inspiring environment. ICE has secured discounted rates on flights and accommodation and the trip offers excellent value for money.

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See you on the slopes!

CIWEM Seminar and Debate:
‘Water and Farming’

Projections on future climate impacts all point in the direction of the water industry and the agricultural sector needing to use water more wisely and effectively. Agriculture is a major user of non-household water, both in terms of direct abstractions from the environment and non-household water supplied by water companies. There is scope to improve the interaction and cooperation between farmers and the water industry to optimise the efficiency of water use in the agricultural sector. This event will explore the ways in which this can be achieved.
Venue: 106 to 109 Saffron Hill, Farringdon, London
Date: 3 December 2014

UK Representative Peter Lee at the 12th ICID International Drainage Workshop 23-26 June 2014 in Saint Petersburg, Russia
Peter Lee photo

Spring 2014 Meeting: The daunting challenge of canal irrigation reform for water productivity and food security

Venue: Institution of Civil Engineers, London SW1P 3AA
Date: Friday 21 February 2014. 2.00 pm to 5:30 pm

A report is viewable at BL Report on 21 Feb 2014 event

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Bruce Lankford and Hervé Plusquellec
Bruce Lankford and Hervé Plusquellec

The original early notice flyer may be viewed at Irrigation Reform IWF early notice flyer.

Autumn 2013 Meeting: Water and the Green Economy

Venue: Institution of Civil Engineers, London SW1P 3AA
Date: 08 November 2013 at 10:00 until 08 November 2013

The UEA Water Security/The Irrigation and Water Forum conference “Water and the Green Economy” came to a successful close on Friday 8th November with an array of delegates taking part. Eleven talks covered projects from all over the world, presented by representatives from many different organisations. The day began with two keynote presentations from Jean-Paul Penrose (DFID) and Mohamed Ait Kadi (Chair, GWP Technical Committee).

A number of themes appeared throughout the conference. The necessity of economic activity for development coupled with acknowledgement that water security is a fluid and debatable issue formed an undercurrent throughout. Another theme was that change is happening now and we need to decide how to adapt whilst realising that there will be trade-offs. It was also evident that governance and political institutions are an important component of change. Finally, in most cases more evidence in the form of reliable data is required to make informed decisions on water-related development issues.

Copies of the full IWF Summary and the talks can be accessed by following the links below:

IWF Summary

Aileen Anderson South Africa IWF 8 Nov 2013

Bruce Lankford paracommons UEA

Gilmont_Antonelli_KCL IWF_8_11_2013

Jamie Skinner IIED – dams and green economy 8 Nov 2013

Mike Young Green Water London IWF

Mohamed Ait Kadi GWP IWF 8 Nov 2013

Phil Woodhouse 8 Nov IWF London

Roger Calow ODI_IWF 8 Nov 2013

Froebrich-GEG-2013 IWF London

Water and the Green Economy Jodie Whitehead