Meeting Archive

All our meetings are hosted at the Institution of Civil Engineers in London, in grand surroundings overlooked by the portraits of Brunel, Stephenson and Telford. Our members also run an occasional 2-day introductory training course on irrigation aimed at young professionals.

Typically, we hold technical meetings twice a year, as well as the annual Gerald Lacey Memorial Lecture. Technical meetings feature panel discussions and speakers from academia and industry on a particular theme, while the Gerald Lacey Memorial Lecture is delivered by a single speaker.

From this page, you can find details of our past meetings and, where available, recordings.


Flood Control in Irrigation and Drainage

February 2020 – Technical Meeting

More info coming soon


Increasing Water Security – How do we do it?

November 2019 – Technical Meeting

Recording coming soon

Climate Change and Water Security in Africa

May 2019 – Gerald Lacey Lecture

Irrigation: Making it work for the poor

February 2019 – Technical Meeting


The Nile Basin

November 2018 – Technical Meeting

Achieving SDG 6 – the ‘Water Goal’

May 2018 – Gerald Lacey Lecture


Integrated Urban Water Management

November 2017 – Technical Meeting

Recording unavailable

The Water Scarcity Crisis – Fact or fiction

May 2017 – Gerald Lacey Lecture

Irrigation and Water Supply: Conflict or opportunity?

February 2017 – Technical Meeting

Recording unavailable


Water Crises: Challenges and opportunities

November – Technical Meeting

Recording unavailable

Irrigated Agriculture in the 21st Century – A sustainable career choice

May – Gerald Lacey Lecture

The Role of the Private Sector in Irrigation Management: Experiences and opportunities

February – Technical Meeting


Irrigation: Improving social and environmental outcomes

November – Technical Meeting

Why Groundwater Matters

May – Gerald Lacey Lecture

Dams for Irrigation: Technical and social considerations for sustainability

February – Technical Meeting

Recording unavailable


Manager of Groundwater Resources for Irrigation and Co-Users

November – Technical Meeting

The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus – is it really new?

May – Gerald Lacey Lecture

The Daunting Challenge of Canal Irrigation Reform for Water Productivity and Food Security

February – Technical Meeting

Recording unavailable


Water and the Green Economy

November – Technical Meeting

Recording unavailable

Small is Bountiful (but Messy): Informal irrigation and new directions for security in sub-Saharan Africa

May – Gerald Lacey Lecture

2012 and earlier

Prior to 2012, we only hold records of our annual Gerald Lacey Lecture – these can be found here. Unfortunately, recordings of these are not available.