The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is a leading scientific, technical, international not-for-profit, non-governmental organization. ICID is a professional network of experts from across the world in the field of irrigation, drainage, and flood management. The main mission is to promote ‘Sustainable agriculture water management’ to achieve a ‘water secure world free of poverty and hunger through sustainable rural development’.

The IWF is the UK’s national section of ICID. ICID has, for more than 50 years, been the main forum for discussion of the sustainable use, and protection, of water and land to meet the increasing demand for an increasing population. Members of IWF participate in international conferences and provide strong support and technical input to the working groups and specialist committees of the international ICID on issues affecting world water and food security.  This linkage has resulted in widespread uptake of British expertise and management flair throughout the world. The resources and facilities of ICID’s Central Office – specialist papers, grey literature search, access to the international fraternity – are freely available to all IWF members.

ICID is a knowledge sharing platform dedicated to issues that covers the entire spectrum of agricultural water management practices. Floods and drought; the two extremes of increasingly variable climate as a result of potential climate change, also form the focus of ICID activities.

For more information please visit the ICID website.